you can always get what you want. But you may not get what you need.

Love this piece from the Intelligent Life:
But there is a reason why Amazon is successful and bookshops are closing: in a world of infinite choice, efficiency is hard to resist. The pleasures of the bookshop or the library are easily outgunned by the knowledge that we can order or download a book instantly, or find the information we’re looking for within seconds. Serendipity, on the other hand, is, as Zuckerman says,  “necessarily inefficient”. It is a fragile quality, vulnerable to our desire for convenience and speed. It also requires a kind of planned vagueness. Digital systems don’t do vagueness very well, and our patience with it seems to be fading.
This whole article reminds me of Lonely Planet. Viva serendipity! Now go out and find something that not everyone can.


Dylan Owen

get freaked.

The Birth of a FREAKER from freakerusa on Vimeo.

I discovered Freakers on Kickstarter and fell in love with this project and his videos.  I funded the project and it was successful.  I have nine Freakers on the way and other goodies.  I cannot wait to decorate my Nalgenes and anything else I can freak.  Check out their website and blog, they are fun entertaining entrepreneurs.  

Freaker Beach Party - love the song Real Love by Delorean.

Freaker Beach Party from freakerusa on Vimeo.


To cell phone belt holster wearers:

Your belt holster is an eye sore.  It's like pants genocide – now go write a bill to halt this troubling epidemic that has infiltrated beyond the beltway.  You deserve better. Washington deserves better.  I have Hope. Change?

It's called a purse. Or a pocket. Or your adopted Korean child.

P/s: Droid > Crack?? Well I can dream.


Jack Rogers Jelly Jokes and other Target Shenanigans

Cute Jack Rogers sandal, no?  Nope, these can be bought at Target – a pretty blatant know-off of the classic Navajo sandal.
Merona Enid whipstitch sandals $20

A common trend amongst many big retailers, Target has partnered with Miss Trish for a line of similarly designed sandals.  A few of the pairs are classic preppy, yet a little edgy – I'd pick over Jack Rogers!
Miss Trish for Target Jaguar sandals $25

It's interesting that Target has gone the collaboration and rip-off route at the same time.  So what does Miss Trish have over Jack?  It seems a bit of genuine leather...to be exact: part of the outsole!



How not to do curves: Exhibit Jessica Simpson

Bare legs and sweaty necks for all! Couldn't have said it better myself....
No comment on the color story or the cheetah MILF bag. JSimp might be auditioning for the Real Housewives of Anywhere in this non-age appropriate ensemble...


Best Week Ever

I love Mac Miller's mixtape, but I was throughly disappointed with his show.  He had awkward stage presence, his posse of guys were in background playing charades to the lyrics, it got very awkward to watch.  Still recommend downloading some of his music.  I loved the opener for his show Tayyib Ali - "Keystone State of Mind", highly recommend downloading his music.  
A Cornell rising star also opened for Mac Miller --- Dylan Owen.  Love him! 

Also, got to see Sam Adams this past week. He was AMAZING.  I am obsessed with his hip-hop dubstep.  He gets so into his performance no matter the size of the crowd. He had fun lights to go along with the dubstep.  I was not crazy about his outfit, he rocked a frat tank at the OSU concert last year way better than the racecar driver shirt thing he was wearing the other night.  Sammy also had a great opener, Kyle Lucas. He has a different style, but I downloaded some of his music after the show and its pretty good. 
Word is, Sammy had a pretty good time with some Cornell sorority girls, let's hope he comes back to Ithaca soon.  

I was suppose to see Nelly and some other people perform on Slope Day, but that never happened..