Eat your Green Beans!

Check out Leftover Green Beans – a duo of 18-year olds who use vintage, leftover fabrics to create unique outfits.  They're all about sustainability, which is nice, but this design and material quality is unattainable for the masses.  Nonetheless, I'm amazed by some of the craftsmanship and design elements that they've used. If anything it makes for some nice eye candy...Enjoy!  Thanks to the sis for the tip.


  1. One of my friends from high school, her mom goes to rummage sales, antique shops, auctions etc and collects old seed bags and makes dresses out of them. Farmers would have tons of ugly seed bags at the end of the season and farmers wives would make different things out of them. Eventually, as that practice grew with popularity, the seed companies started putting floral designs and patterns on the seed bags for the wives to make clothes out of the seed bags. This is a modern extension of that.

    These clothes are super cute!

  2. I just checked their site and ahhh they use organic cotton.. i might start a post about that one, your sister is going to hate me.

    Also, I was thinking if they actually wanted to do this on a larger scale, it would be neat if they used their designs and then reproduced them with whatever fabric they had so everything would be totally unique and at the same time they could do it on a larger scale.