Can Trends be Classy?

So I read the DC Interns blog (even though this summer it's certainly deviated from its high bar of ridiculotisty).  It's a guilty pleasure, I like to think of it as a more local, intellectual substitute for the Real Housewives of NJ.  Sort of like picking the farmer's market over a Wal-Mart Center, well that's certainly the attitude of most of the intensely tense folks that post on that laughable blog.

So I recently read this comment:
"FUCK trendiness. I know you all think you're such cool sheep, but you look like SHITE in those leggings no matter how "stylish" some waify runway or coked-out american apparel model says they are. The waify model may look good in the ads. YOU do not. NONE of you. You offend my eyes when I walk out the door."
Now I have my problems with leggings, but I like to think I wear them in a non-trendy, non-disgusting manner (usually no coke is involved, well depending on how my morning went....)  Obviously, I'm not quite ready to trade in my college clothes and classier college clothes for black and grey suits.  As interns and younger people that have to adhere to certain professional standards (well some interns doooooooooo), is there an appropriate way to incorporate trends into classy, professionalISH outfits? I think so.  Not sure if leggings can enter the picture here, but not all trends are inherently NSFW.  Instead, they can easily make you stand out (not in a DC Interns blog way!) in a snowcalypse of power blue, black pumps and pearls.

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