It's Pretty Simple

So I've been in an Economics state of mind lately.  With that in mind, I found this "confession" both humorous and very, very practical.  But then again, you don't need money to be classy. But it sure doesn't hurt.
From Bundle:
I know you pulled out $75,000 in student loans to finance an engineering degree that you hardly use even though your job title is “Engineer.” And I know you think I’m a peon because I’m just a lowly drafter without a degree. But in reality, I bring in more cash every month than you because I actually do this crazy thing: I SAVE MY MONEY. That lease you have on your 4Runner? I take that $400 a month and invest it. That $600 per month you spend on student loans? Could have gone to community college. That’s what I did: I paid $300 per class, never took out a loan, and worked and saved money the whole time. Oh, and I just got into a Top 50 college — on scholarship.
Wanna know what else? When you make fun of me and act like I’m a peon that doesn’t understand simple calculus, I laugh inside, because at 29, and in a deep recession, my husband and I are nearly millionaires because we understand the simplest of all mathematical concepts: compound interest.
You don’t deserve your beautiful, intelligent wife. She will figure it out as soon as she gets sick of mothering you. And then she will just look at you with the same contempt you so happily give me. But she will actually be justified in doing so.

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