Backpack Predicament

Nothing ruins a campus-cutesy outfit like a backpack. I especially love when I see my friend M in a cute dress and tights and boots...and then I see the monstrosity that is her LL BEAN storm blue Loch Ness monster imposing on her back and otherwise pushing her lovely outfit into my periphery. It is a true travesty.

Even worst: the two bag-offenders. Yes, I know you're taking 18 credits and president of 5 clubs and you're doing cancer research and starting a non-profit and so you have to carry all your various outfit changes and very smart-looking books.  How about working on your bag situation?

I love this first Gucci bag. I've always loved white bags...what better way to usher in spring?
This neutral Anya Hindmarch will go with anything...
Although both bags are a bit outside of my current bag budget of...zero dollars and zero cents, I'm loving the idea of carrying a smaller bag with room for your laptop or notebook, a book, and organizer. I'm not super productive when I carry stuff for 10 different tasks and find myself calm and more mentally collected if I have a set of doable tasks immediately in my beautiful leather shoulder bag. Cheers to simplicity and luscious leather!

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