Anthropologie Meteor Shower

While I was getting my afternoon fix I found this cute top at Anthropologie, I wanted to post it because I thought the diagonal beading stands out against the monopoly of this style shirt that is popular. It's 100% silk, a negative that it has to be dry cleaned. I can't decide if it is worth $78.00, I am probably going to watch and see if it goes on sale or anything. It would look so cute with black jeans and heels! I also think you could pull it off in the summer with the right shorts.


  1. Don't love how it hangs on the mannequin, need to see how it looks in person. A bit reminds me of an ice skating outfit reinterpreted for a shell of a cardigan-shell combo.

  2. hey now! I used to be an ice skater, maybe that's why I like it. Don't you think that is how it is suppose to hang? I have a friend with a similar style shirt and it's tighter at the bust and goes out like that ones does, and this one is even less dramatic so I think it may be even more flattering.