Just in time for the blizzard

My new boots!! My friend, W has these in black with a blue zipper and loves them, I was envious for sometime now. I decided to get the lighter ones; I think for Steve Madden they really look nice, classic tan boot then you look at the back and there is the red awesome zipper! They finally arrived, I am so excited!! I love the red zipper, I have not seen anyone with these boots and they will stand out in the blur of brown tall boots. Can't wait to wear them tomorrow, just in time for all the snow Cornell is getting tonight!


Cornell did get a ton of snow, but these boots are a huge disappointment. Mr. Madden did not pull through for me, all my fears came true about ordering a pair of Steve Maddens. The picture is not a good representation of what the boots like look in person. The leather is soo bad, but I mean what can you expect for Steve Madden, at the same time they were almost $200 boots so I would expect better quality of the designer/manufacturer. I am going to see how they hold up in the snow, they will probably become my "going to class boots" save my fryes for when it really matters. I learned my lesson, never doubt your initial thought/ feeling when you decide to make a purchase and do not convince yourself otherwise and make an impulse purchase.


  1. Yep we were right...Steve Madden's are not quality. But they looked so nice in the picture haha. I don't even wanna show you some of the boots I've been finding on sale that you could have bought for same price.

  2. Show me, just to remind me how bad of a decision it was to buy these. I was freaking ice-skating in them all day in the snow. I did get some compliments about the zipper, go figure.