Custom Made Jeans

My Azul Spanish Denim Custom Jeans have shipped! I've got a bad feeling they won't live up to my expectations; how can a good pair of custom made pants be constructed without a personal fitting? Leanne got hers and they were disappointing, the inseam was inches too short and they had this weird pegleg fit going on. I know that pegleg is trendy now, but how is pegleg the same as skinny/narrow fit?

Favorite question on the order form...
Your seat shape:
-Prominent (Beyoncee!)


  1. It's so funny you posted this, I was messing around with that website the other day. I was disappointed with the pictures online and the jean colors. It will be interesting to see how they actually turn out. I need some new jeans!!

  2. yah i wasnt really crazy about the denim choices either...but i dnt really have a nice blue (or azul) colored jeans now so i chose the bluest ones

  3. if it doesn't fit properly, you can send it back and they'll fix it. from the groupon email: "Send back your jeans as many times as it takes until they're perfect pants because indiDenim offers free shipping and unlimited altercations. Once your jean template is flawless, they'll keep it on hand for future orders." check out indidenim.com for details on their Perfect Fit Promise. And share this other feedback with them directly! I told them I wanted organic cotton and they said that if enough customers request it, they'll stock it.

    i want you to heart your jeans, deeter!!