The Hills..thinspiration?

Last night when I could not sleep, I resorted to watching some television online. After all my options on hulu were a bust, I remembered seeing countless facebook statuses discussing the newest season of the hills. Took me a few minutes to give into the temptation. The episode was the typical mtv "reality" show that our culture has grown to love. I could not believe I was actually watching it, my biggest distraction(besides the obnoxious drama) was these girl's bodies! I was like wow, do I feel fat now. Even the prettiest girls I know are not to that level. The episode felt like a slap in the face and the most motivating thinspiration I have ever seen. Do they eat?? How much do they work out?? I am so curious now. Share your secrets with America!

I am going to watch it every time I do not feel like running.. this will get me moving.

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