white denim

I have been searching for the perfect pair of white jeans forever; every pair I try on is a failure. One thing I have noticed with any white pants/denim - what you may be able can pull off in a darker wash(that may be a little on the tight side; you CANNOT pull off in the white. It shows EVERYTHING!) So in that case, I have yet to find a pair I can call my own.

So today I tried on these Tory Burch pair. The buttons were amazing(still trying to find a picture) and I liked the crop look and the back pocket detail was great. I was soo excited to buy them, I had my heart set on them from the second I saw them....that is until the dressing room. AHHHHH the cut was soo wrong..my butt looked flat, my crotch was too big, it was tight around the thighs, waist was too big. Nothing worked, I thought it was just me, but the sale girl said the same thing has happened to everyone. Ohh well, my search continues....

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  1. i love my benetton pair...very non-sausagey and still a tight fit.