VS - Push -Up Triangle Top w/ Fold Over Bottoms
Finally did it.  Took the plunge, and bought my bathing suit for vacation next week.  Took me about three weeks to decide which one and the big mystery -  how I would actually look in it.  This is soo hard to do when you are bathing suit shopping online.  Every bathing suit looks amazing no matter how ugly it is, they sell because of the bodies wearing them, not the suits. Honestly, this model in this picture might be my best motivation to lose weight because I would like to think I could look this good in the bathing suit as well. (minus the boob job, never eating and working out 24/7).  Anyways, I still am in love with this suit and can only dream I could look this good in it, but I still bought it.  Hopefully, it is here by next weekend and I don't eat for the next week!

Miraculous Push-Up Halter Top
 My roommate really liked this one, I had to agree.  She is a tall, thin and blonde and can totally rock this.  I on the other hand was not feeling so sure about it for myself.  I thought I needed some pattern to distract people..

Is it just me, or is something just not right with this picture?

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