Would you pay 2k for a paper?

I'm often dubious about how some students at my college (or any college) slip 'n slide through their 4 years of undergrad. Sure, some of the kids here wrote papers in high school...but that wasn't when one of their hands was permanently conjoined to a bong, and the other usually carrying a case of Natty. And of course, I remember the kids in my high school who didn't write papers, who questionably wrote papers, who jumbled some thoughts into some sentences and a few run-ons, or who couldn't even compose a coherent paragraph.  While I haven't run into any students from the latter category yet, I know they're out there because those kids from my high school went to college.
My distaste for the early hours and regimented nature of high school was tempered by the promise of the educational community ahead, with its free exchange of ideas and access to great minds. How dispiriting to find out that college was just another place where grades were grubbed, competition overshadowed personal growth, and the threat of failure was used to encourage learning.
Although maybe cynical at a younger age (don't ask me how I feel about the UN),  I too thought College would be a sort-of paradise of thought exchange. Ha. Although at this public ivy I haven't found horrendous writers, I've found fairly bad to crappy writers.

Go read "The Shadow Scholar" from The Chronicle of Higher Education about the wide-spread incompetence of our Ed System -- at all levels and all types of institutions.  The article is written by a writer who works for a custom-essay company.
So part of my job is to be whatever my clients want me to be. I say yes when I am asked if I have a Ph.D. in sociology. I say yes when I am asked if I have professional training in industrial/organizational psychology. I say yes when asked if I have ever designed a perpetual-motion-powered time machine and documented my efforts in a peer-reviewed journal.
 The author doesn't write papers for Biology or Chemistry students. Once again this makes me re-think my decision not to major in a hard science.  This leaves me hoping that when it matters, I will not simply be measured by my diploma, but by my experiences, thoughts, communication skills and Bottega bag dangling off my arm...bought with the 2 grand I "saved" from writing my own essays.

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