Hunter Update

Yesterday, it was rainy so naturally I walked around with my eyes glued to the ground...so many cute rainboots and so many different colored Hunter's!  I saw a girl rocking a pair of adorable kids' rainboots that had the pull-on handles and eyes popping out of the front (I wish I had smaller feet, oh not so Asian).

I love my new yellow Hunter's, especially after waiting to get the correct size (FYI they run about a size big).  Today, I saw multiple pairs of the silver ones.  Good call, happy sport: they're not as likable in person.  Saw the glossy violet ones that I had been lusting after, and the color is more than lust-worthy.  I understand why they are sold out everywhere.  Where did that girl find her pair?!

Also saw light blue ones, which surprised me, are extremely cute.  If you want color, but don't want something so loud, check the light blue out.

Hunter out!

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