TOMS...Cape Cod styling

I've always wanted a pair of TOMS, but never got around to buying a pair.  My favorite design, which I bought for Happy Sport and a few friends, is still the party animals (a donkey for the left foot and elephant for the right :)

Love the preppy, summery Red Newport Cordones.  I can imagine pairing these babies with rolled up white jeans, jean mini's and shorts.  The contrast of the diagonal stripes with the horizontal stripes is fly.

Of course, there are the original canvas TOMS and they've introduced linen TOMS for this summer, which would also pair well with anything.  I feel like they used to offer more styles though.

But who needs variety, when there's anchor embossed shoes?
The men's anchor TOMS win in my book!  Too bad they're sold out in all the small sizes.  What I also won't be buying: Vegan Wrap Boot...

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  1. ewww those boots are sooooo gross. i think toms are kinda hard to walk in.